Stay Active, Stay Warm, Stay Happy

As the winter blankets Edmonton in its chilly embrace, the quest to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle becomes more demanding. The cold snap and the shorter days have a knack for nudging even the most fervent fitness enthusiasts towards a more laidback indoor life. However, nestled at the heart of downtown Edmonton, The HAT at Five Corners emerges as a beacon of wellness, transforming the winter wellness challenge into an enjoyable pursuit. Explore how you can sustain a dynamic and healthy lifestyle this season at our luxury rental apartment.

Stay Fit Indoors

The HAT at Five Corners is not just another residential building; it’s a fitness enthusiast’s winter dream. With our cozy gym facilities at your disposal, keeping up with your fitness routine is easier and more enjoyable than ever. From high-energy cardio workouts and strength training to the serenity of yoga, our gym is equipped to cater to all your fitness needs. And for those who thrive on community and structured classes, our range of indoor exercise routines ensures that there’s something for everyone, irrespective of their fitness level.


Wellness Within Your Walls

The concept of wellness extends beyond communal spaces into your very own apartment at The HAT. Why not dedicate a corner for a mini workout or yoga space? Embrace the idea of creating a personal sanctuary for mindfulness and physical activity right in your home. Our collaboration with Sarah Coffin, a revered Ashtanga yoga practitioner, brought a 30-minute yoga class right into our homes, highlighting the importance of integrating wellness practices into our daily lives, especially through the darker months.


Eat Well, Stay Warm

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in your winter wellness journey. The HAT’s modern kitchens are your culinary playground for experimenting with healthy, warming winter recipes. Dive into the world of soups, stews, and nourishing one-pot meals that warm your heart and nourish your body. Remember, hydration is key, even in winter. We also encourage you to explore and incorporate seasonal, local produce into your meals for that extra zest of health and flavour, or feel free to simply pick up or order from one of your favourite local restaurants minutes away from HAT at Five Cornes.


Fostering Social Wellness

Social wellness is a cornerstone of mental health, particularly during the isolating winter months. The HAT at Five Corners’ communal amenity room is a hive of social interaction, offering a warm and inviting space for residents to connect and support one another. From cozy coffee gatherings to vibrant community activities, there’s a wealth of opportunities to cultivate friendships and bolster each other’s spirits.


Explore Outdoors

Edmonton’s winter brings its own unique charm, especially around The HAT at Five Corners. The neighbourhood is alive with events and festivals, offering vibrant experiences even on the chilliest days. For those seeking quieter adventures, the nearby trails and the stunning winter landscapes await your exploration. Just steps away, the river valley beckons with its breathtaking beauty, making outdoor excursions from The HAT at Five Corners truly enchanting.


Your Winter Wellness Sanctuary

At The HAT at Five Corners, feeling good through winter isn’t just something we hope for; it’s what we live. We have everything you need with our top-notch amenities, beautiful units, and lively downtown Edmonton neighbourhood. Living at The HAT means you’re choosing a life where you’re well taken care of, comfortable, and always have something to keep you healthy and happy.

So, if you’re looking for a place where winter or any season is enjoyable and you can live your best life, HAT at Five Corners is your obvious choice! Here, every day is a chance to enjoy what you love with all the support and comfort you need right at home.