Hosting a party in your apartment can be challenging. You need counter space for food prep, enough space for people to move around, and seating everyone at one big table—that’s the best part of a gathering—eating, laughing, and making a night of it together! You may need more room for all your friends and family or space to get in the kitchen and prepare food, and smaller apartments can make inviting more than a few people are almost unthinkable. 


If you want to avoid hosting headaches, consider living in an apartment with a communal room. It’s a great amenity.


The Communal Amenity Room In Hat

We know how important it is for you to experience luxurious living in every possible way. Our floor plans match your lifestyle and preferences. Still, we understand the requirement for a bigger space dedicated to hosting big gatherings, so we provide you with a Communal Amenity Room complete with a chef’s kitchen that can be used for entertaining your guests.


Here’s all you need to know about our Communal Amenity Room in The Hat at Five Corners. 


Designed to Entertain

The Communal Amenity room is a spacious and comfortable space that is perfect for entertaining. We have a big-screen TV, a dining area with ample seating, and a great place to plan your gathering.


Book for as long as you need

The Communal Amenity room is available to our residents for their parties. No time limit applies, but noise must be kept within the city’s permitted Community Standards.

During holidays, this room is in high demand. Residents are asked to limit their reservation time to four hours so others may enjoy it.


Chef’s Kitchen 

Our communal amenity room offers an ideal space to cook delicious meals with friends and family. The fully equipped kitchen allows you to cook up a feast.


Rooftop Patio

Our communal amenity room comes with the option to use our rooftop patio with a fireplace, barbecue area, and sundeck. Residents enjoy this space all year round!


Free Of Cost

Yes, the communal amenity room at Hat at Five Corner is free. However, a fully refundable security deposit of $250 is required, and it is expected from the residents to ensure that the space is returned in good condition.



Many of us are familiar with the usual routine of ordering take-out or dining in with friends and family. Still, there are some special occasions when it’s better to stay home and enjoy the company in comfort and luxury.


Here at The Hat, we are dedicated to providing a comfortable place to gather with friends and family. Come home to The Hat at Five Corners, where a great life is right around the corner for you.