Best Nearby Restaurants To Dine-In And Order Pick-Up From.

Your lifestyle matters to us. It’s the reason we designed our apartments with a touch of luxury. It’s also the reason why we built our apartment tower near reputable restaurants that support your lifestyle. Here are some of our favourite local restaurants you can choose to dine-in or order convenient pick-up from:


  • The Moth Cafe (1 min drive)

From plant-based burgers to smoothie bowls, The Moth Cafe has it all for health enthusiasts. Not to mention it’s only a 2 minute walk away from our luxury apartments. You can kick back on your sofa and make an online order, and before you know it, your delivery knocks on your door! In the summertime, you may leave your car parked and walk right across the street to The Moth Cafe for a delicious and healthy meal, whenever you want!


  • New Tan Tan (1 min drive)

New Tan Tan serves authentic Dim Sum and Chinese cuisine that is sure to meet your cravings for savoriness. Each order of Dim Sum comes in small orders, so that means they are perfect for weekend brunch snacks. Furthermore, you can mix-and-match a few different small orders in case you’re longing for a tasty variety. Best of all is that they are only a one-minute drive away from our apartment. You can choose either pick-up, online orders, or dine-in.


  • Bianco (3 mins drive) 

What happens when creativity, finesse, and quality come together for a three-way handshake? You have Bianco. Bianco is a rustic Italian restaurant pocketed in 101A Avenue and 100th Street. While honouring traditions, each dish also comes with a unique personality that offers you a vibrant experience. They are available for pick-up, online orders, and dine-in. Bianco is at the top of our list for the perfect for date night with their inviting warmth and intimate setting. This cozy Italian gem is also a great place to gather with friends to celebrate with an endless selection of playful cocktails.


  • OEB Breakfast (3 min drive)

OEB’s respect for the artistry of breakfast is obvious in how they transform familiar classics into quality creativity. You can take one look at OEB’s breakfast poutines to immediately understand the reason behind their long wait times during weekends. Available for pick-up, online orders, and dine-in. The most important meal of the day awaits you only a 3-minute drive away!


  • Sabor (5 mins drive)

If you’re looking for a dining experience rooted in the freshest ingredients, old-world flavours, and a level of hospitality that impresses you, then you need to surrender yourself to the experience of Sabor. What stands out among their incredible variety of authentic Spanish meat, wine, and tapas is their seafood choices that you won’t discover anywhere else in Edmonton. Decide on a weekend you want to be unforgettable, and make a reservation for that date. They also do pick-up and online orders.


  • Dorinku Osaka (4 mins drive)

Their mission is to transport the flavours of Osaka street food and Japanese nightlife to Edmonton. And they have done so with success. When you walk into their restaurant, their layout and decor will envelop you with a sense of cultural novelty. Down-to-earth, yet, refreshing. That impression is strengthened when you experience their tapas, sushi, and ramen that emulate Osaka street food. Imagine being in Osaka, except you’re in Edmonton. They are also available for dine-in and online orders.


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