Chill Vibes & City Sights

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Winter is fully upon us, and Edmonton is alive with festive joy! As we leave the holiday season behind and step into the new year, it’s the ideal time to think ahead to Valentine’s Day. This year, opt for something unique: a romantic stroll with your loved one through Edmonton’s scenic trails. Conveniently located just minutes from your doorstep at HAT at Five Corners, your cozy downtown Edmonton apartment, these trails offer a serene escape into the city’s winter wonderland. So, grab a hot drink, pull on your warmest boots, and embark on an enchanting walk through Edmonton’s beautiful trails. It promises to be a wonderful experience and a unique way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day.


1.  The Urban-Nature Blend: Grandin to Groat Loop 

Length: 5.5 km, Approx. 1-1.5 hrs.

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Journey through this trail’s scenic mix of urban views and natural splendour. As you wander, enjoy the serene tree-lined paths and catch breathtaking glimpses of the river against the downtown skyline. Remember to tread carefully on icy patches. After your walk, warm up with a hot beverage at nearby cafes like Stopgap Coffee, District Cafe, or The Common


2.  A Trail of Views and History: Funicular to Walterdale Loop 

Length: 6 km, Approx. 1-1.5 hrs.

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Start this picturesque trail at the eye-catching 100 Street Funicular [3 mins drive from HAT at Five Corners]. As you cross the historic steel low-level bridge and meander along the river, you’ll be treated to a mix of natural beauty and quaint neighbourhoods. Wrap up your walk with a visit to historic sites near the Walterdale Bridge. Nearby, Credo, Woodwork, and Craft Beer Market offer delightful dining options.


3.  Riverside Serenity: Riverdale to Cloverdale Loop 

Length: 8 km, Approx. 2 hrs.

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Whether you’re looking to fuel up at the start or end your hike with a treat, the Little Brick Cafe [only 3 mins from HAT at Five Corners] in Riverdale is the perfect spot. The trail offers stunning city skyline views from McNally School and peaceful moments along riverside parks and the striking Dawson Bridge. It’s a beautiful mix of tranquillity and urban beauty.


4.  Artistic Journey: Walterdale Bridge to Tawatina Bridge 

Length: 7.1 km, Approx. 1.5 hrs.

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Get ready for an awesome walk! This trail is perfect for anyone who loves nature, cool art, and big snowy views. You’ll see some amazing river scenes and the super cool Tawatinâ Bridge, which has over 400 pieces of neat Indigenous art. The snow can get a bit thick in places, so make sure to wear some good shoes. If you want to be extra safe on the slippery parts, think about strapping on some crampons. And hey, after all that walking, treat yourself at Dogpatch or High-Level Diner – you’ve earned it!


5.  Nature’s Trail: Mill Creek Loop 

Length: 5.8 km, Approx. 1-1.5 hrs.

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An easy, relaxing path, Mill Creek is popular among locals for its gentle trails and year-round beauty. Note that stairs are needed to access most pathways. It’s an excellent spot for a tranquil walk, run, or stroll with your dog. And don’t forget to refuel at nearby Mill Creek Cafe or Farrow.


Live the Downtown Dream at The HAT

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