Edmonton’s Icy Elegance!

Edmonton, a city that’s forever beautiful and for all seasons, shows its best shades in Winter. Every season here is a festival season. Even when the mercury drops, it’s not the time for us to embark on a winter sleep but to huddle up in our warmest wear and head outside for some great winter fun! And when you’re a proud habitant of the HAT at Five Corners, you are always in the heart of all the action. So, forget the cold and dive headfirst into the melange of festivals, all set to arrive with the new year minutes away from your doorstep. Here is our pick of the Must-See Winter Festivals in Edmonton 2024!


Chiseled: Edmonton’s International Ice Carving Competition

📷credit: Ice on Whyte / Chiseled


If art were to play with ice, you would get a glimpse of that at Edmonton’s International Ice Carving Competition, which brings together some of the globe’s best ice carvers under one roof. Ice morphs into art, and the resulting spectacle is a sight to behold. Artists get exactly thirty-four hours to wrap up their masterpieces, endowing the final day with a certain awe-inspiring grandeur as the entire range of sculptures comes into view.

Date: January 16-18, 2024

Venue: ICE District! (5 mins from HAT at Five Corners)


Activate Arts Alberta

📷credit: ice on whyte


Captivated by the beauty of ice sculptures? Wondering if you could create such frozen artistry yourself? Discover your potential at Activate Arts Alberta in McIntyre Park. This event offers a unique opportunity for you to try ice sculpting guided by expert artists. .- Who knows, you might discover an inner artist you never knew existed!


Date: January 16-18, 2024

Venue: McIntyre Park (8 mins from HAT at Five Corners)


Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival

📷credit: Deep Freeze

Embrace the spirit of winter at the Deep Freeze Festival. Strap up your boots and walk into a melange of Ukrainian, Indigenous, and French-Canadian cultures under the great Alberta skies at the Byzantine Winter Festival. This one’s equal parts fun and incredible. And if you fancy something wildly uncommon, try competing in races with actual deep freezers (yes, you read that right). Peeping into cultural traditions while taking in the pleasant chill in the air isn’t just a chance occurrence – it’s a quintessential part of Edmonton winter!

Date: January 20-21, 2024

Venue: 90–95 ST (4 minutes from The HAT At Five Corners) and 118 AVE (10 mins from The HAT at Five Corners)


Silver Skate Festival

📷credit: Silver Skate Festival

If you believe in magic, set foot in the Silver Skate Festival. Winter wonderland is a cliched term, and this festival is nothing but ordinary. This snowy 10-day carnival of arts, culture, and food is a heartwarming assemblage of Edmonton’s heart, soul, and pulse. After a day filled with music, sports, and some delicious food, you might end up designating it as your own ‘Winter Haven!’.

Date: February 9-19, 2024

Venue: Laurier Park (20 mins from HAT at Five Corners)


Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival

📷credit: Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival

Awaken your inner adventurer at the Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival and ski through beautifully groomed tracks. The only thing more exhilarating than the feeling of the winter chill against your face as you wind down trails would be the satisfaction and exultation of crossing the finish line! This is the place where you’ll learn the art of balance – not just on skis but also in admiring and appreciating the nuances of a classic winter sport. The sense of accomplishment at the finish line is unforgettable!


Date: February 9-24, 2024

Venue: Multiple Venues (Visit their website for more information and the updated Venue map). 


Skirtsafire Festival

📷credit: Skirtsafire Festival

Celebrate the power of women in the arts at the Skirtsafire Festival’s 11th anniversary. The festival is a complete blur – of laughter and art, sublime inspiration and soulful music, dance and drama. Enjoy a diverse array of performances and more, all taking place in the heart of Old Strathcona. It’s an inspiring cultural feast just a stone’s throw from your doorstep.

Date: February 29 – March 10, 2024

Venue: Old Strathcona (9 mins from HAT at Five Corners)


Flying Canoë Volant

📷credit: Flying Canoë Volant


Step into the magical world of Flying Canoë Volant, a festival that brings to life the legend of The Flying Canoe amidst the traditions of French Canadian, First Nations, and Métis cultures. Set in the enchanting Mill Creek Ravine and Edmonton’s bustling French Quarter, this event lights up winter nights with spectacular illuminations, music, and dance. Feel the rhythm of the night as live performances transport you to a time of adventure and folklore. More than just a festival, Flying Canoë Volant is a journey into the heart of Edmonton’s winter, a celebration bursting with wonder, history, and community spirit.


Date: January 31 – February 3, 2024

Venue: Multiple Venues (Details to be confirmed and posted on the website soon)


The HAT: Cool Place, Warm Memories

And there you have it! A round-up of Edmonton’s most happening winter events, all within a snowball’s throw from your potential home at The Hat at Five Corners. Our city, known for its non-stop festive spirit and vibrant energy, invites you to be a part of winter tales told through ice sculptures, cultural festivals, and artistic celebrations. Every corner of Edmonton, especially around The HAT, is abuzz with activities that turn the cold season into a time of joy and exploration.

Living at The Hat at Five Corners isn’t just about enjoying the comforts of a luxury apartment; it’s about being at the epicentre of Edmonton’s vibrant energy and events. We’re more than just a residence; we’re your passageway to the city’s dynamic and captivating charm. So, bundle up, flash your happiest smile, and immerse yourself in our spirited neighbourhood’s winter wonders. A world of excitement, culture, and endless fun is ready to greet you right here at The Hat.