Keeping an organized apartment is a challenge, especially when space is limited. When it comes to smaller spaces like apartments, it is easy to accumulate clutter. Clutter can quickly make an apartment feel disorganized and cramped, but with a good decluttering plan, you can keep your apartment neat and organized year-round. 

You may feel overwhelmed when you start to think about paring down your clothing, toys, and household objects, but with a few tips and tricks, you can easily get started on the road to an organized apartment. In this blog post, we will go over some of the best decluttering techniques and tips to help you get your apartment in shape and keep it that way year-round. 


Create a to-do list! 

Need help figuring out where to start? Make a checklist, and you’ll be well on your way – it’ll keep you organized and motivated, plus you’ll get a great sense of accomplishment once you start crossing things off!


Do it one space at a time!

Divide and conquer! Start with the easiest spaces and gradually move to the more cluttered areas. Break the decluttering process into smaller, manageable chunks, so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Take it one room at a time!


Consider donating clothes you haven’t worn in 6+ months!

Have you considered donating any of the articles of clothing that have been collecting dust in your closet for six months or more? If it’s been that long since you’ve last worn them, you must not need them anymore, so why not give them away?


Put yourself on the 10-10-10 test!

Need help deciding what should be given and what should remain? Have a go at organizing your possessions into three groups: 10 items to give away, 10 to discard, and 10 to keep.


Why not take advantage of freecycling?

Give away your no longer needed items to your neighbourhood! Freecycle your way to a clutter-free space! Put it out on the side of the road or let the virtual world know through online forums.


Are you passionate about it?

Take a page from Marie Kondo: does the piece give you a rush of joy? If it doesn’t make you feel something special, bid it farewell.


Do you have a place for it? 

If you can’t think of a spot in your home where the stuff should go, it’s not the best fit.


Try asking yourself these three questions!

If you’re considering whether to keep something, here are a few questions to help you make the best decision: Is it something I really need? Do I love it? Would I be sacrificing my inner peace for this?


Give the “one-month challenge” a go!

Place any items you’re not sure you need in a designated box and leave them untouched for four weeks. In the end, donate what’s still in the box – it’ll be freeing!


Get Yourself A Storage Unit

Sometimes, despite all your efforts, you can find yourself with a lot of belongings. In that case, why not consider getting a storage unit? It’s really the best option to ensure that all unused items are stored safely and securely rather than risk losing them altogether!


For our Hat at Five Corners residents, hiring our Self-storage unit is the easiest first step towards decluttering; from there, it is a cakewalk.  We’re not trying to boast, but it really is that simple!



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