We’re all looking for ways to store our stuff—from minor household items to major purchases like furniture. We’re all guilty of having too much stuff; one way to deal with that is to rent a storage unit. It’s tempting to think that the extra bedroom, one more closet or even the small boxes will solve your storage problem, but it won’t. You need the right type of space — ideally climate-controlled—to permanently store all of your belongings, not just until you find a more permanent solution for them. – Storage units!

Storage units aren’t just places to stash all your stuff; they can also help you organize and declutter.

Need for a storage place

Storage units are a great way to organize your things:

When you move into an apartment, think about renting a storage unit. The extra space will help you organize your things and make your move easier.

  • They make organizing your items easy – Instead of having boxes lying around everywhere and putting them back in order every time something is moved or taken out, you can store everything in one place.
  • They save time – It takes less time to find things when they are stored neatly instead of scattered around the house or apartment.

Storage units can help you get rid of clutter in your apartment:

Like most people, you probably have a lot of stuff in your apartment. From clothes to books to kitchenware, there’s always something that needs to be stored somewhere. But accumulating too much stuff can clutter up your living space and become an eyesore. If you’re renting out an apartment where storage units are available, it might be worth considering using one to get rid of some clutter so that your living space will look cleaner and feel more open—and also help prevent fire hazards from accumulating around your home!


The Hat at Five Corners offers storage units big enough for all your needs!

Storage units are not a luxury in our apartments. They’re one of our featured amenities, which are always in demand. Our residents love having this extra space, which makes life easier for them!

The Hat offers spacious, heated, convenient storage units at a very reasonable monthly fee. Here are a few of the highlights:

24-hour access, heated and spacious:

We ensure our storage area is not only spacious but also safe and comfortable. The place is heated and well-lit. It’s accessible via a fob key, which means you can access the place 24*7 via your fob. It also has security cameras monitoring the entire area.

Sun, Rain or Snow, we have you covered: 

Our lockers are the perfect solution to all your storage needs. We keep your belongings protected, dry and dust-free in a climate-controlled environment so they won’t spoil or ruin your furniture or cause mould problems like they would if they were kept outside in the elements! 

Options that fit your budget: 

Here at Hat at Five Corners, we offer storage units in two sizes—small and large—to ensure you get the extra space you need without paying too much. The monthly rent for a small unit is $35, and that for a large one is $50


Whether small or big, you probably know spaces can be a hassle if you live in an apartment. If your building does offer extra storage space, you either have to get rid of some of your extra stuff or pay more rent for a bigger place. The Hat residents have the choice to rent a storage unit at home – if they feel like it.

The Hat at Five Corners is more than a luxury rental apartment; it’s where we add value to the lives of our residents. We offer a variety of floorplans that cater to your needs, as well as competitive pricing and monthly incentives. We’ve designed and created everything with you in mind!

Indeed, we are a perfect place to hang your hat