Who says apartments aren’t for BBQs or that grilling’s only a summer game? They clearly haven’t stepped foot in The Hat at Five Corners. Here, we’re shaking things up! Whether it’s summer’s heat or fall’s crisp charm, our rooftop is your BBQ haven. Want in on the fun? Here’s your playbook to grill, chill, and thrill with your buddies!


Reserve the Rooftop Patio

Residents at The Hat at Five Corners can ping our leasing team to snag a spot on our expansive rooftop patio. Boasting a fireplace, BBQ zone, and sun terrace, it’s party-ready. And if you’re thinking bigger? There’s ample room and then some! Plus, our communal amenity room is on standby for private shindigs all year round. We’ve got the space; you bring the sparkle!


Get Your Gang Together

Got your reservation locked in? Awesome!  Gather your squad – friends, fam, that fantastic neighbour two doors down, and all BBQ enthusiasts. Our rooftop? Big enough for everyone to join the fun. And with those jaw-dropping downtown sights and our swanky setup, this BBQ will be one for the books!


Prepare Your Grill Gear

If you’re gearing up for your cookout, there’s no need to venture far. In our neighbourhood, we’re blessed with a range of department stores catering to all your BBQ needs. Whether you’re searching for fresh food items, refreshing drinks, elegant plates, durable cutlery, or anything essential to elevate your barbecue experience, you’ll find many options. Conveniently located and filled with a diverse selection, they ensure you won’t miss a thing for your upcoming gathering.


Relish Your BBQ Feast

As the barbecue day arrives, make your way up to the patio and gear up for your guests’ arrival. Create the perfect ambiance by queuing up some tunes, fire up the grill, and let the mouthwatering aromas set the stage for a delightful feast. Relish each bite, cherish the conversations, and let the good times flow. Should the temperature drop, fear not – our trusty firepit is here to warm things up. And once the festivities wind down, don’t forget the golden rule: tidy up after yourself. In our tight-knit community, we’re all about supporting one another ensuring our shared spaces remain tidy, safe, and welcoming for all.


See? Hosting an unforgettable cookout with your pals is a breeze right here at The Hat at Five Corners! From reserving the rooftop paradise to savouring the sizzle of BBQ delights, we’ve got you covered. Ready to take the plunge? Reach out to us now and book a tour to explore our fantastic apartments and outstanding amenities firsthand. Let’s turn your urban BBQ dreams into a reality! Contact us today – we can’t wait to show you around.