Mother’s Day celebrates the unbreakable bond and profound impact of mothers and maternal figures in our lives. Located in the dynamic and upscale neighbourhood of HAT At Five Corners in Edmonton, you are perfectly positioned to find exquisite floral arrangements that capture your heartfelt appreciation. To help you convey your deepest sentiments with blooms, here’s a roundup of the top floral shops near HAT At Five Corners, each known for their standout creativity and exceptional service.

Graham & Lane Florists

📷credit: Graham & Lane Florists


A quick 6-minute drive from HAT At Five Corners, Graham & Lane Florists excel in crafting beautiful and memorable floral arrangements. Known for their meticulous attention to detail, they offer a wide range of options, from traditional bouquets to more innovative floral designs, ensuring that every Mother’s Day gift is special.

The Artworks – Edmonton Flower Delivery and Gifts

📷credit: The Artworks


Only 4 minutes away from  HAT At Five Corners, The Artworks is celebrated for its exceptional service and stunning floral arrangements. Whether you are looking for roses, lilies, or mixed floral arrangements, they provide a rich variety of choices that cater to all tastes.

Speaking Roses Alberta

📷credit: Speaking Roses Alberta


Another fantastic option close to  HAT At Five Corners, just 5 minutes away, Speaking Roses Alberta specializes in customizing roses with personal messages, images, or logos. This unique service allows you to send a highly personalized message to your mom, making her feel truly appreciated on her special day.

Edible Arrangements

📷credit: Edible Arrangements


Edible Arrangements, only 6 minutes from  HAT At Five Corners, offers a twist on traditional flower gifts with their edible fruit bouquets. Perfect for mothers who appreciate both beauty and taste, these bouquets are a creative and delicious way to celebrate.

Cory Christopher

📷credit: Cory Christopher


Just 7 minutes from your doorstep at HAT At Five Corners, Cory Christopher provides a unique floral experience that transcends the ordinary. Specializing in bespoke floral designs that are as innovative as they are stunning, a visit to their studio is not just about flowers—it’s an artistic adventure. Here, creativity blooms in every corner, ensuring Mom will adore the thoughtful, handcrafted beauty of each arrangement.


Celebrate Mother’s Day with Elegance and Convenience 

So there you have it—whether picking out the perfect bouquet at one of Edmonton’s finest floral shops or enjoying a day filled with luxury and relaxation, HAT At Five Corners puts you at the heart of it all. This Mother’s Day, let the thoughtful gestures and the beauty of your surroundings speak volumes about your love, making the day as splendid as the setting at HAT At Five Corners.


Living the High Life at HAT At Five Corners


Choosing HAT At Five Corners isn’t just about finding a place to live; it’s about embracing a lifestyle where convenience meets luxury. With its prestigious location, you’re always just a few steps away from top-notch eateries, vibrant shopping hubs, and all the entertainment you could wish for. Plus, with easy access to the LRT and the scenic River Valley trails, your opportunities for urban exploration are endless. Experience the pinnacle of urban living at HAT At Five Corners, where every day is an opportunity to live life to the fullest.