Security Features for Residents at The Hat

When it comes to a place to call home, we understand how important safety is for the well-being of our residents. That is why we have gone above and beyond to ensure our residents feel safe with increased security measures by our management team. While there are risks anywhere, we have taken increased safety measures for the prevention and safety for our staff and tenants.  Here are a few major features that we want to highlight at The Hat at 5 Corners.


Professionally managed with on-site staff 7 days a week
Being professionally managed, residents can feel safe knowing there is someone onsite that is available for any questions or concerns.


Enhanced camera security and restricted fob access by floor
The benefits of using an elevator access control system give peace of mind knowing there are restrictions for incoming visitors.


Secure heated underground parking
The security of vehicles is one of our utmost priorities. That is why we monitor our underground parking to ensure your car is protected.


Indoor bike rooms
Rely on the safety of indoor bike rooms for avid cyclists. Know that your bike is locked up and indoors ready for you to take it out for the next bike ride around the city.


Heated locker area only accessible by key fob
Only residents and staff can have access to the heated locker area to protect your valuables when you store them.

When it comes to an apartment building, our tenant’s well-being is the most important. That is why increased security measures, on-site staff and provide ongoing communication that tenants can rely on. We pride ourselves on enhanced security options for our residents. For any questions that you have regarding our professionally managed apartment, do not hesitate to reach out!