Downtown Trails to Check Out This Summer

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, spring is FINALLY here and it’s time for you to start enjoying this weather. Why not go for a bike ride or a walk/run at one of these awesome trails? All of which are conveniently located by The Hat. Not to brag or anything, but this is just another awesome perk you get when you’re living in the Quarter’s District! 

Check out a few of our favourites below!


Forest Heights Park Trail is a 3.9 kilometre moderately trafficked loop trail that begins just a few blocks away from The Hat. It is great for all skill levels, and the trail offers a number of activity options. This trail offers AMAZING views of the river valley and downtown Edmonton that you definitely need to see. 

Feel free to bring your best friend (aka, your dog) on this trail, just remember that they must be kept on a leash! 

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One of the nicest walks in the river valley, this is a 3.7 kilometre moderately trafficked loop trail that is primarily used for walking, running and nature trips and it is good for every skill level. You can also bring your four-legged friends on this trail as long as they stay on their leash! 

You can park on 82nd Street to get to this gem (or walk/bike there since The Hat is just a 20-minute walk away). You will be surrounded by trees, the river, you get some glimpses of Downtown and a great view of the Dawson Bridge! Keep in mind that there are some significant elevation changes during this walk, but regardless it is a fantastic riverside stroll and is highly recommended.

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Dawson Park and Bridge Trail is a 2.3-kilometre trail just a 15-minute walk away from The Hat and is great for all skill levels. You will get to see some stunning scenery of the river, downtown YEG and surrounding neighbourhoods — you can take in downtown living for all its glory! 

You want to bring your furry friends to this one as this trail has both on and off-leash areas! There are a few great rest spots available if you want to take a 5 or if you want to have lunch in a gorgeous, quiet setting along the river.

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Henrietta Muir Edwards Park Loop Trail is a 1.6 kilometre moderately trafficked loop trail that is just a 25-minute walk from The Hat. You can get a chance to see wildlife and is good for all skill levels. Your dogs are also welcome to join you on this trail as well as long as you keep them on a leash!

While it is a small park, there are a number of perks to this one. You can walk across the Leilani Muir Pedestrian Bridge where you get great views of downtown Edmonton and the River Valley. If you go the other way, you get quick access to the Muttart Conservatory and the ICONIC pyramids. If you go further along towards the boundaries of this park, you are able to enter the trail system by the Low-Level Bridge and you can finish off your walk/bike ride/run with a gorgeous view of downtown YEG and Hotel MacDonald. 

PLUS you can enjoy some lunch or dinner with the full BBQ pit and picnic tables that are there for you to enjoy.  

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