Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

With July – the “Plastic Free Month” – just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for an exciting journey into sustainability!

It’s that time when we all huddle together to make an extra effort to reduce plastic use. It’s all about spreading the word on how our plastic habit affects our beautiful planet and giving a big shout-out to the folks who are making fundamental changes.

Now, trying to lead a green lifestyle in Edmonton can feel like trying to ice-skate uphill sometimes. But here’s the good news: our city is buzzing with some absolutely stellar small businesses. These hidden gems are going all-in to promote a lifestyle that’s kinder to the environment. They’re leading the charge in zero waste and ditching plastic as much as possible. Talk about being heroes!

In this post, we’re gearing up to spotlight three standout stars amongst Edmonton’s environmentally friendly, ethically conscious, and sustainable businesses. These trailblazers are making waves in their industries, transforming our city into a cleaner, greener urban haven. It’s about time we rolled out the red carpet for them, soaked in their inspiring stories, and rallied behind their noble endeavours. Get ready to meet the champions of our local eco-scene!

And the cherry on top? All these gems are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from HAT at Five Corners. Get ready for a fun, eco-friendly journey right in our backyard!


Kolya Naturals

Photo credit: Kolya Naturals


Meet Kolya Naturals (9 mins away from Hat at Five Corners) – not just a boutique but a sanctuary of natural beauty and wellness. Here, the wisdom of the apothecary meets the art of skincare, all under the nurturing canopy of their in-house organic spa.

But it’s not just about what they offer – it’s about how they offer it. Kolya Naturals curates brands that share their dedication to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, bringing together a collection that’s as kind to the planet as it is to your skin.

And here’s the crowning glory – their refill station. Picture this: you, with your containers, filling up on body, home, and apothecary goodies. A simple yet powerful step towards a world less burdened by single-use packaging. Kolya Naturals – where beauty, wellness, and sustainability intertwine perfectly.

Re: Plenish

Photo credit: Kolya Naturals


Say hello to Re: Plenish, a beacon of sustainability and green living located right in Edmonton, Alberta. Just a brief 8 mins drive from HAT at Five Corners; you’ll discover a store that’s taken a firm stand against waste and unnecessary plastic use.

Established in 2019, Re: Plenish is more than a store—it’s a lifestyle. Here, everyday items from body lotions to cleaners are not just picked off the shelf but replenished. Their offerings, predominantly organic, vegan, biodegradable, and free of artificial scents and colours, aren’t merely goods—they’re pledges to a healthier you and a happier planet.

And the beauty of Re: Plenish isn’t confined to their products. This eco-haven fosters partnerships with various organizations, championing the cause of reuse and recycling. They’ve breathed a new lease of life into textiles and beauty products through innovative recycling programmes.

But what truly sets Re: Plenish apart is its commitment to limiting plastic use. Their avant-garde jar library invites you to join them in their mission, refilling instead of discarding and ensuring every step is a stride toward a plastic-free world.

So, step into Re: Plenish, where shopping becomes an eco-conscious experience, leaving you, and the planet, a little better off.


JACK 59 

Photo credit: Kolya Naturals


Prepare to be enchanted by JACK 59 -an Edmonton-based jewel-making wave in the world of sustainable beauty. This Indigenous-owned, women-led business is a proud torchbearer of natural, ethically sourced, and sustainably made hair and body care products. But JACK 59 is not just about products; it’s a mission, a movement, and a drive towards championing zero plastic use.

Each JACK 59 bar is a testament to their commitment – pH-balanced, paraben-free, sulphate-free, vegan, and yes, they’ve got gluten-free options too. All lovingly crafted right here in Canada.

Yet, the heart of JACK 59 beats in its zero-waste philosophy. By adopting plastic-free production and recyclable packaging, they’ve turned the concept of waste on its head. Picture this: one shampoo bar from JACK 59 can stand in for three plastic bottles, while a single conditioner bar valiantly replaces up to five. Since they first flung open their doors, JACK 59 has saved over 600,000 plastic bottles from becoming landfill residents.

Their commitment to their community is equally impressive. They’re not just based in Edmonton; they’re a part of it. They employ local women, offering them flexible hours to balance their work with the rhythms of their lives and families.

Sure, JACK 59 may be a 12-minute drive from The Hat at Five Corners, but every minute spent en route is an investment in a more sustainable, plastic-free world. So why not take a drive and experience the transformative power of nature with JACK 59, where every product is a pledge to our planet?


To A Better Tomorrow! 

And there you have it – our high-flying trio leading the charge towards a greener tomorrow. Let’s remember; they’re not alone. They’re part of a growing squad of unique businesses in Edmonton, each doing their part to be green, ethical, and sustainable in their particular way. Let’s give them a big cheer for their tireless work for our planet. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that even more businesses will join this eco-movement, making Edmonton’s green scene even more buzzing.

Being nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of The Hat at Five Corners is a real treat. Surrounded by these green go-getters, there’s never a dull day, only a buzz of fresh ideas and a strong love for our planet. Here’s a toast to a greener, fresher future – let’s make it happen together!