Decorating Your Balcony

It’s almost summertime which means you’re about to be spending a lot more time hanging out on your balcony here at The Hat.

This also means that it is the perfect time to decorate it so that it can truly be your favourite outdoor hanging spot! We’ve listed some tips and tricks below for you to help you make your balcony feel just as at home as your apartment does.



One of our favourite tips is to carry the colour scheme that is in your apartment to the colour scheme on your balcony. This consistency helps to bring that feeling of home throughout your entire space! 

📸: @aundm_interior 



We love plants and we love using them to decorate, but having them spread out on the floor everywhere can take up a lot of space. Consider placing a wall planter to utilize your space like the one linked here! Now if you’re in need of some plants, you should visit our friends over at Shop Chop where they have tons of great options! 

📸: @shop.chop.yeg



Rugs are such an underrated staple piece that can completely change the look of a room. Grab a fun outdoor rug and place it on your balcony floor to really spice up your space. 

📸: @plushrugs



This is a great way to add a little sparkle to your balcony without being overbearing. These are great because they are light and barely take up any space! A great option is these ones from Amazon

📸: @thespruce



Patio chairs, side tables for your drinks, fun accent pillows, storage bins, a blanket – think of your space as a mini-outdoor living room. A great idea is to thrift for some furniture, and we have a blog post with some of the best local thrift shops in Edmonton linked here if you wanted to check it out! 


If you end up using any of these tips when you decorate your balcony here at The Hat, make sure to take a photo and tag us on Instagram @thehat.5corners! We would love to see how they turn out.