5 Of The Best Indoor Plants For Your Apartment This Spring

5 Of The Best Indoor Plants For Your Apartment This Spring

Indoor plants can bring so much life into your home, but we all know some plants can be super hard to take care of. Luckily, The Hat has awesome large, sunny floor-to-ceiling windows in every suite that will definitely help these plants bloom! 

Check out these 5 indoor plants that you (probably) won’t kill. 

Snake Plant

This plant gets its name from the thin, upright leaves with “irregular green banding” that looks like snakeskin. This plant needs very little water (it has survived droughts), and while it prefers bright light, it lives with lower light levels so it makes a hardy indoor plant. Snake plants can even be left alone for a couple of weeks if you decide to go on an extended holiday (when we can finally travel again)!


This plant is so easygoing. It easily adapts to different environments, but it is best for this baby to stay out of direct sunlight. The Dracaena can deal with indoor temperature and season changes better than most plants, making it a great choice for Edmontonians. 


Monstera Deliciosa

Not only are these plants super trendy, but they are also super easy to grow! Especially when it gets warmer outside, you can easily propagate them — meaning that you split off a leaf with a node and give it to someone else to grow on their own! One of the best parts about this plant is that you only need to water it every one or two weeks because you’re supposed to let the soil dry out between waterings. It just needs to grow in a spot that receives bright to medium indirect light.


These are some of the most popular indoor plants to purchase. They are small, trendy, and easy to care for and come in so many different shapes and colours. They like to be in bright light but not direct sunlight, especially when they’re inside glass containers

because the glass will magnify the sun and possibly scorch them. They are very drought tolerant, but when it comes to watering them it will be every 7-14 days in the warm months & every 3-4 weeks in the winter. You want to give them a thorough watering & let the soil dry out before watering again

Spider Plant 

Spider plants are a perfect way to give your home some jungle vibes and they are perfect to place by big windows! This is because you can put this plant in bright to moderate light in a room that’s a comfortable temperature, and you’ll want to keep the soil slightly moist. Once-a-week watering is sufficient in spring and summer; in winter, allow the soil to dry a bit more between waterings.